Hip Hop Photo Editor

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Hip-hop Photo Editor is a fun and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly transform your photo in dancing work of arts. An easy-to-use photo editor, providing a wide array of photo manipulation tools such as a crop tool, rotate tool, and enhancement tool, and hundreds of customizable effects, dance stickers, hip-hop caps, text tool, and more.

Hip hop photo editor convert your simple photo to stylish dancing look photo.

“HipHop Photo Editor” change you into a hiphop loving person. It changes your photo background with some cool and colourful hiphop photo effects. HipHop photo maker can make your dancing look better.


✔ 50+ impressive HipHop photo effects with colourful objects

✔ Edit photo in a very simple and easy way

✔ Different kind HipHop caps

✔ Many dancing abstract effects

✔ Some cool stickers for photos

✔ Add HipHop dancing effects to your photos

✔ Save and share photo to your partner and friends

✔ Edit the photo with simple and easy photo editing options

✔ Gorgeous photo effects and frames.

Hip-hop Photo Editor is also known as hip hop effect maker, hip hop photo maker, hip hop maker, hip hop dancing maker, hip hop photo,hip hop photo effect editor.

When you use this application it will change your look into a very stylish and impressive person. It can transform your normal photo into a dance pose with amazing dance effects. You can be a Hip Hop dancer by using these effects and objects.

This “HipHop Photo Editor or Hiphop Photo Maker” application is basically a photo editing tool with some amazing colourful photo objects in it. You can use these objects for editing. Just paste objects to photo and set accurately.

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APK आवृत्ती 2.0
सुसंगती Android 4.2.x+ (Jelly Bean)
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